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The Reflux Book: A Parent's Guide to Gastroesophageal Reflux contains two books in one cover. The first half of the book is for parents of infants with mild to moderate reflux. The second part of the book is for parents of older children and children with more serious problems. The book also includes a very detailed table of contents, an index, a resource list and several forms for tracking symptoms. A total of 300 pages.

  • Information on symptoms and diagnosis
  • Common treatment and medications
  • Techniques for sleep, feeding and comforting
  • Ideas for coping with a high-need baby and child
  • Suggestions for working with the medical team
  • Parent-tested tips on caring for your child at home
  • Parent stories throughout the book
  • Comprehensive index and resource guide
  • No medical advice—only information
  • Thorough yet very easy to read
  • Covers newborns though teens

Preview the Book:
This is a new feature. If it decreases sales, I'll have to take it down.

Table of Contents :
Table of Contents for web.pdf

Sample pages of the The Reflux Book:
Sample from the Symptoms chapter.pdf
What you see is only half of one chapter on symptoms.
There are 18 chapters total including three full chapters on feeding.
Short stories from real parents are mixed in with the factual information.

These are the forms from The Reflux Book for you to print and use at home:
Medication Chart 2 for web.pdf Symptoms Chart 1 for web.pdf Intake and Output Chart for web.pdf